Mar. 15th, 2012

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It is very dark in my room and I can't see my keyboard. I could solve this problem by turning on the lights (I just bought new lightbulbs, after all), but this seemed like a good chance to work on my typing. Since I'm supposed to be typing "properly" now, and all. It sucks to go from typing somewhere around 50 words a minute the "wrong" way to typing like 30 words a minute the "right" way. With LOTS of backspacing and correcting, my god.


It is just amazing what a difference a teacher can make. Last quarter, I took Intro to Psych for the first time. I dropped it in about 2 weeks, because the teacher was just so stuck on himself, so smarmy, and so condescending. Never mind that he made us do almost all our work in groups like elementary school students. I just dreaded going to class. This quarter, I am taking it again, with a different teacher and HOLY CRAP, it's like a whole new animal. No groups, for one. The teacher is fun, funny, and engaging. She makes fun of herself, rather than everyone else. Wednesday, I was genuinely disappointed when the class ended. I could have happily sat there another hour, discussing shit I could not possibly have cared less about one quarter ago.

I seriously need to write her a letter or something. Or write the Dean. She needs recognition.

Speaking of school, my Tuesday class gets out at 10 pm. This is mildly annoying, since the last bus arrives at 10:38 pm. And I do mean the LAST BUS. Everyone else is already gone by the time I get on my bus. The automatic lights turn off at 10:30 in the bus hub, too. Spooky. Uncomfortable. Blah.

Aside from school, I've done little. I put in an application at the bookstore at school, which was rejected. I put one in at the gas station on the corner from our house, too, but no answer yet.

I've given up caffeine. It's been something like 3 weeks since I had any. Relatively proud of that, although I still crave soda like crazy. I want a Pepsi so bad right now, I can taste it.

I got some nasty crit today on one of my RP characters I adore, so I'm a little bummed about that. Fortunately, [ profile] sedately gave me some really good crit to offset it, so that helped a lot. Now, I just have to convince myself to do some tags, since I haven't done any all day.


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