Mar. 24th, 2012

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I'm just gonna say it: Castiel coming back was the worst thing to happen all season. Let me tell you why...

If I see one more fan whining about how Dean "just left him there after he sacrificed himself for Sam OMG!" I'm going to slap someone. Let's review, shall we?

1. Castiel was the one who pulled Sam out of Hell in the first place. And botched it, leaving Sam's soul behind. This was after Sam made Dean promise NOT to do the same damn thing.

* Guess what Dean DIDN'T do? That's right. He didn't break his promise and try to do anything to get Sam out.

2. Castiel was the one who decided to play God, literally, and take in all that power (absolute power corrupts absolutely, anyone?). Then proceeded to murder just about everyone he came into contact with, starting in Heaven.

* Now, don't get me wrong, the Westboro massacre was funny as shit, but that doesn't excuse everything else he did.

** Guess what Dean did do? Tried to stop Castiel from doing it, tried to find a way to get him back, and then when he couldn't do that, tried to find a way to kill him and stop him from, oh, I don't know... destroying the world?

3. Castiel broke Sam's wall. How are all the Castiel fans forgetting this? He caused this problem entirely. ENTIRELY. He brought Sam out without his soul, then broke the wall to help his own selfish ends.

* Yes, Dean put Sam's soul back against his will and knowing that someday, it would be a problem. But, considering Sam was thoughtlessly murdering innocent people whenever he felt the need to be efficient, what else could he have done? This was DEAN cleaning up CASTIEL'S mess.

4. Castiel released the Leviathans that killed Bobby. Know what Dean didn't do? Get Bobby killed.

5. Dean is not a big meany for walking away at the end of this episode. Particularly not after he's been spending the last however many episodes practicing his own wall to keep emotions at bay. He can't fix Castiel anymore than he could fix Sam, what should he do? Sit there and cry? He's got a job to do and Castiel has penance to do, not unlike Sam deciding to jump into Hell to make up for releasing the Devil in the first place. Remember that?

IN CONCLUSION: I realize Misha Collins is pretty and all, but could we please try to get some perspective here?


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