May. 12th, 2012

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I'm off the the Renaissance Faire today with roomie [ profile] beverly_mcintyr. My camera decided not to work so I probably won't have any great pics to share, but I'll try to take a few with my phone.

In the meantime, may I direct your attention to My Velata page. Velata is chocolate fondue the easy way. The warmers come with everything you need to do fondue without the danger of burning candles or sternos. The chocolate is real Belgian chocolate that comes in packets you heat for a minute in the microwave to melt and then pour into the warmer. No worrying about melting chocolate without it seizing up or separating. The chocolate came out of the pouch perfectly and it was delicious.

My roomie, her mom, and I used one of the milk chocolate ones last night with some strawberries, bananas, and shortbread cookies. We were scraping the bottom of the warming dish, it was so good. Seriously, try some. It's awesome. I can't wait for my next chocolate to arrive.
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Sookie Stackhouse, the protagonist of both the book series and the television show. She's a fairly average, blonde, southern woman. The thing that sets her apart from others, figuratively as well as literally, is her ability to read minds. She calls it her 'disability'.

What interests me about this character is that she isn't reactive. Things happen to her, certainly, and she reacts, but she also takes active steps to direct her life. It would be so easy for a human, even a remarkable one, to be lost among the powerful things she interacts with. Instead, she manages to actually be a force that causes motion in the stories. In a world where bestsellers are stocked with airheads who can't live without their vampire boyfriends, it's nice to find one who doesn't hesitate to "change the locks" when her fangy beau gets out of line.

I'm actually notorious for disliking the main protagonists of the books I read and the shows I watch. In a lot of cases, they're just the lightning rods that draw in what's interesting about the stories. In Sookie's case, in spite of her flaws, I actually find her pleasant to read and watch. Occasionally, I question the hell out of her judgement, but that just makes her seem more real. Who hasn't made a stupid decision from time to time?


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