May. 13th, 2012

karmaschild: (True Blood)

I've been roleplaying online since the mid to late nineties. The very first place I did any roleplaying was the old World Of Darkness chat rooms. They had designated places for all the WoD games: Changeling, Werewolf, Vampire, etc. I played in the Changeling forum. One of my favorite memories is of the night one of the other player's character decided to cheer mine up with his impression of a vampire. It involved a lengthy discussion of ugly velvet decor, a lot of swooning, and the lines, "Look at me! I'm gorgeous, I'll live for ever, and I dress like an eighteenth century homosexual. Oh woe is me."

I mention this because every time I see Bill Compton, that's all I can think of. This is a vampire who wears his eternity like a burden. While other vampires are reveling in their undead lives, Bill is often bemoaning his human life lost. I get so tired of the character type that has to mourn the past all the time. He was turned during the civil war. Time to let it go, Bill.

Also, on a purely aesthetic note, I don't get the physical attraction and his Southern accent makes this former southern girl cringe and recoil.

I felt so vindicated when it was revealed that he'd come to Sookie initially because he was ordered to. That he lied and manipulated her. I knew there was something off about him.

Of course, tomorrow's Fang-a-Thon entry will illustrate why my judgement in men shouldn't be trusted anyway...


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