Nov. 7th, 2013

karmaschild: (YAY!)
So, my training class is forming a metal band from words and phrases we've picked up in training and off property deeds. The band's name will be "This Indenture" which is how a whole lot of property deeds start. The first album will be called "Witnesseth", which is my single favorite word in all of LVD underwriting. I accidentally started a trend where, any time someone sees the word witnesseth on a deed, they call it out, and a chorus of answering witnesseth's answer back. It's like the weirdest version of the Marco Polo game ever.

We also took our favorite names from past orders we've worked on to use as stage names (I swear, these are all real names from real deeds). I'm Ethel Vanderwerf. One of the guys is Candy Slutski. One of the trainers is Stanna Stannard and the other is Herbert H. Herbst.

We had meetings with our department manager today to discuss moving from training down to the main team and when he heard about the band, he laughed until he had tears rolling down his face. He's going to be the guy who introduces the band with this crazy Tibetian bell he has on his desk that he uses to get everyone's attention.

I already have the CD cover planned. ;D


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