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Behold the magnificent and wonderful Pam Ravenscroft (or Swynford De Beaufort, depending on which version you're currently loving on). I love her. I may love her even more than Eric, and that's saying a lot. More than anything, I love them together.

I genuinely teared up when Pam and Eric were saying goodbye in Season three, thinking Eric would be killed by Russell Edgington. They have real affection between them.

She has a dark, sharp sense of humor that sets her apart from the other vampires, but also from most of the other characters. A lot of the genuinely funny moments in the books and shows come from Pam. I appreciate her ability to torment everyone around her equally, even if Eric seems to be her favorite target. I suppose, having lived with someone that long, you've got to make your fun where you can or things get stale.

For all her good qualities, she's still a very good vampire. I don't mean a nice vampire. I mean she's good at it. She's ruthless and vicious when crossed. Deadly in a fight. Cold and calculated when she has a job to do.

Plus, she can shoot a rocket launcher. ❤♡❤


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