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It's been two weeks since I decided to start trying to improve how I felt. I still don't know if Adrenal Fatigue is a real thing or not, but I've been trying to take some of the remedies to heart just in case. I don't think I can really say if it's working yet or not since, 1) it's only been two weeks, 2) holiday stress put me in one hell of a funk, and 3) PMS just hit so I feel like shit anyway.

What I have done:
* Take a multi-vitamin daily (With the exception of the last two days because we were away from home so much.)
* Take 2,000 - 3,000 mg Vitamin C a day (I misread this before and was only taking 1,000. Not sure if I want to up it to 2,000, but I might try it.)
* Drink 1/4-1/2 tsp. unrefined salt in water daily

What I have not done:
* Take 100-400 mgs L-Theanine a day (I couldn't find it at the store.)
* Eat low carb (Fucking holidays.)
* Go to bed by 10:30pm at the latest (Once in 2 weeks. And that was just getting in bed. Sleep was a whole other story.)

I'm working on it. It's a process. Usually, with stuff like this, I'll get frustrated if I can't do it all right away and I just quit, but I'm trying to let myself make gradual changes this time.

Also, my sister introduced me to the Day Zero Project and it's 101 things in 1001 days list. I'm working on putting together a list of 101 things to begin in 2013. It'll take over two years to complete, if I do, but that's alright. I've got 50 so far and most of it is stuff I should do or have been meaning to do anyway. This is just extra motivation.

In the same vein, Walking to Mordor is on my list.

I should go finish it...


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