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This is going to take forever to write, I can feel it now. And, fair warning, I took about 200 pictures over the 5 days. I probably won't post them all, but I'll post a lot.

Click them for bigger pictures.

We started the trip out on Sunday and drove down to Long Beach to stay the night on the Queen Mary so we wouldn't have to rush to get to the cruise ship on Monday. It also checked off one of my life's goals, since I've always wanted to visit the Queen Mary. I love haunted places.

The view of the ship as we walked over from the parking garage.

Here's our cabin on the QM. That's Kerri's bed. Mine's right across... you can see a little corner of it. They were sort of foot-to-foot with a chair in between. It was really small, but we didn't really care. It was only for sleeping.

This is the mermaid that stared at me all night while I slept.

Here's the view out of the QM restaurant.

The fish and chips I ordered for dinner. If you're next to an ocean, why not? They were fabulous... until I found a black hair under the breading of the last piece of fish. Upside: It was taken off the bill. Downside: Kind of a bummer.

Heading up from the restaurant. The lookout spot to the left there is marked on the QM map as one of the tour hot spots. The map didn't go into detail about what was special about it.

Looking up at one of the "Stacks". The QM is very proud of its smoke stacks. The gift shops have everything patterned in those stripes. I was very tempted by a pair of knee socks.

A lifeboat! You know... just in case the hotel sinks.

This is the beginning of the crew's quarters exhibit. This was the engineer's quarters.

And his uniform.

The first half of the Captain's quarters.

The second half of the Captain's quarters.

The plaque in the Captain's quarters.

It was starting to get dark so the pictures are getting iffy, but this is the main bridge.

Communication center behind where I was standing to take the last picture.

First part of the navigation officer's room.

And the second part.

The wireless room. It's still got some operational radio equipment.

Some of the radios they had on display.

And more.

They were neat, okay?

Isn't it cute?

Info on the radio display.

The switchboard.

High tech, huh?

Ring, ring.

I thought this was neat.

Important information posted up on deck.

The boat has photos all over of the famous people who sailed on the QM.


The Queen Mary as "The Grey Ghost" during WW2.

Guess who?

King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Kind of a dark picture. Damn camera phone.

This guy and his partner hung out at the door of one of the gift shops.

The other guy.

A duck press! What is a duck press for...?

Aren't you sorry you asked?

Bronze statue of Jupiter and Europa from the first class lounge.

Bronze weather vane.

This is a display window for a store in the QM called "The Dragon Shoppe". I have no idea why it's there, but it's got...

... a Batman mask!

The music room.

Info on the music room.

The lounge. The mural above the bar was really pretty, but it was so dark I didn't get a good picture. Also, there was a wedding party on board, so naturally the singer had to torture us with the song from Titanic.

The drink I tried from the original QM bar menu called the "French 75". It was very tasty, but it cost $12. Not $12 worth of tasty. Kerri's drink is in the back. I forgot what it was called... the Shanghai something or other.

This one and the next 7 are from the fire station.

Outside on deck we found a hatch that looks like it goes all the way down through the ship. There's nothing in the world that could get me to climb down that thing.

Kid's play room on another deck.

I love this ad.

The wedding gazebo up on deck.

Photo of the QM sailing.

"The Sea King's Daughter" bronze statue.

The Queen Mary bell.

Carnival cruise pics tomorrow!


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