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For those of you keeping score at home, my legs are still swollen to different degrees, although they're both better than they were. I can actually bend my toes now, which I consider to be an improvement. Still haven't seen a doctor about it, since I don't have insurance and the local low-income clinic isn't taking new patients. I'm relying on my tried-and-true method of "hope it goes away on its own".

I actually did some baking today, which is nice because I haven't done any in ages. I have a chocolate cake cooling on the counter right now and when I get ready, I'm going to smash it up and make cake pops. Hopefully they turn out well. I've never done this before.

Also need to get my sourdough starter going again. I've been craving homemade bread.

Had some more Velata fondue last night. It's been a really big hit so far and I'm going slightly insane with ideas for what else I can do with the warmer. Ideas so far have included melting peanut butter for pretzel dipping and making a batch of eggless chocolate chip cookie dough for chocolate dipping.

Speaking of good food, my next non-sweet project is to attempt Cook's Country's Cider Braised Chicken. I saw it on their show today and it looked fabulous.

God, I love being on break from school. I can actually find time and energy to do things.

While I'm thinking about school: I managed to pull all A's this quarter. One class was 100%, one class was 97%, and the third didn't give percents, she gave points, but she assures me that I have an A, so I'll take it.


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