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One of the changes between the books and the television show that I really appreciated was the fact that they did not kill Lafayette off right away on the show. I thought it was such a waste for him to die so soon in the books and having him around longer on the show just makes me happy.

I love his relationship with Tara. He is caring without being overly gushy and sentimental. He's a good friend to Sookie and Jason. I also love his interactions with his mother. She's a riot.

I have liked pretty much everything that was done with him so far, except his current storyline. I do not care for Lafayette the 'Medium'. In a show chock full of supernatural, there's really no reason to take an otherwise well rounded character and slap on a super power for no reason. Lafayette was just fine as the wise-ass, fantastically gay, short order cook at Merlotte's.
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Behold the magnificent and wonderful Pam Ravenscroft (or Swynford De Beaufort, depending on which version you're currently loving on). I love her. I may love her even more than Eric, and that's saying a lot. More than anything, I love them together.

I genuinely teared up when Pam and Eric were saying goodbye in Season three, thinking Eric would be killed by Russell Edgington. They have real affection between them.

She has a dark, sharp sense of humor that sets her apart from the other vampires, but also from most of the other characters. A lot of the genuinely funny moments in the books and shows come from Pam. I appreciate her ability to torment everyone around her equally, even if Eric seems to be her favorite target. I suppose, having lived with someone that long, you've got to make your fun where you can or things get stale.

For all her good qualities, she's still a very good vampire. I don't mean a nice vampire. I mean she's good at it. She's ruthless and vicious when crossed. Deadly in a fight. Cold and calculated when she has a job to do.

Plus, she can shoot a rocket launcher. ❤♡❤
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Yes, please, may I have some more?

I did mention my judgement can't be trusted, right?


Okay, I'm done now. Ahem. The thing, or rather, one of the things, I like about Eric is his joie de vivre. To him, being a vampire is awesome and he doesn't wander the Earth rending his clothes and wailing about lost things. He is in the moment, drinking it up. (Yes, that pun was intended.)

I like the bad boys. It's a long standing theme of mine, but he's not just a flat, cold bastard. He has some good sides, he's just extremely picky about who he shows them to. Not terribly impressed with humans as a whole, sure, but he's savvy enough to recognize extraordinary ones when he sees them.

I'm also not terribly put off by his ability to decide to take someone out if they're in need of it. Too many shows, books, and stories lose my interest simply by virtue of letting the bad guy go time and time again only to be shocked and dismayed when he returns to do... more bad things. Hello? That's what they do. Eliminate your problems or stop whining about them.

Does he have bad aspects? Certainly. All characters do. I just happen to prefer his faults to the faults of others.
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I've been roleplaying online since the mid to late nineties. The very first place I did any roleplaying was the old World Of Darkness chat rooms. They had designated places for all the WoD games: Changeling, Werewolf, Vampire, etc. I played in the Changeling forum. One of my favorite memories is of the night one of the other player's character decided to cheer mine up with his impression of a vampire. It involved a lengthy discussion of ugly velvet decor, a lot of swooning, and the lines, "Look at me! I'm gorgeous, I'll live for ever, and I dress like an eighteenth century homosexual. Oh woe is me."

I mention this because every time I see Bill Compton, that's all I can think of. This is a vampire who wears his eternity like a burden. While other vampires are reveling in their undead lives, Bill is often bemoaning his human life lost. I get so tired of the character type that has to mourn the past all the time. He was turned during the civil war. Time to let it go, Bill.

Also, on a purely aesthetic note, I don't get the physical attraction and his Southern accent makes this former southern girl cringe and recoil.

I felt so vindicated when it was revealed that he'd come to Sookie initially because he was ordered to. That he lied and manipulated her. I knew there was something off about him.

Of course, tomorrow's Fang-a-Thon entry will illustrate why my judgement in men shouldn't be trusted anyway...
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Sookie Stackhouse, the protagonist of both the book series and the television show. She's a fairly average, blonde, southern woman. The thing that sets her apart from others, figuratively as well as literally, is her ability to read minds. She calls it her 'disability'.

What interests me about this character is that she isn't reactive. Things happen to her, certainly, and she reacts, but she also takes active steps to direct her life. It would be so easy for a human, even a remarkable one, to be lost among the powerful things she interacts with. Instead, she manages to actually be a force that causes motion in the stories. In a world where bestsellers are stocked with airheads who can't live without their vampire boyfriends, it's nice to find one who doesn't hesitate to "change the locks" when her fangy beau gets out of line.

I'm actually notorious for disliking the main protagonists of the books I read and the shows I watch. In a lot of cases, they're just the lightning rods that draw in what's interesting about the stories. In Sookie's case, in spite of her flaws, I actually find her pleasant to read and watch. Occasionally, I question the hell out of her judgement, but that just makes her seem more real. Who hasn't made a stupid decision from time to time?
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Just under the wire here, too. Wow. I don't do things the easy way.

I first started reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries after my first, last, and only trip to San Diego Comic Con. My friend and I sat through the True Blood panel (I had no idea what it was about) because she loved the books and wanted to see what sort of swag came with the panel. It turned out that the promo swag included a paperback copy of "Dead Until Dark."

On the flight home from San Diego, I devoured the book and quickly decided to grab up the rest. I've been hooked ever since.

I haven't seen the most recent release, yet, but it's on my list.

And because it's relevant to my interests:

Oh, yeah. I watch it for the plot... ;)


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