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Quick, before the reveal! I know I said it all in comments, but I will say it again. I love, loved, loved the Yuletide stories I recieved this year. I got not one, but four.

My Gift:
Boy Wonder
Ocean's 11 fic!! Fantastic! Absolutely. It had everything I didn't think to ask for in it. I think I've read it fifty times since Christmas. And laughed every single time. Love it!

My Treats:
What If
Love Actually, fandom. This one makes me especially happy because it fulfills my request and it gives me a chance to say, I told you so! This Yuletide author and I think a lot alike.

Blow Over
Another Ocean's 11 fic. So funny. And I can really see this happening in character. Actually, I'd pay to see this happen in the movies. :-P

Pulling the Trump
Ocean's 11. A deleted scene the way it would have should have been, if they had showed it in the filem. Another dead-on characterization in one of my favorite fandoms that gets so little love.

I am still delighted. And I'm even more delighted that they keep on getting more comments (yes, I'm watching. I can't help it!). These are great stories and if you're even passingly familiar with the fandoms, I highly suggest them!

Thanks again, Yuletide Authors! I LOVE YA!
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I have been good all year mostly a lot. This year, all I want for Yuletide is a really good fanfic. I like words!

Okay, so, the fandoms I requested were somewhat... diverse. Cowboys, romance, and grand theft! Oh my! Actually... that sounds pretty cool. Anyway.

I am a big fan of slash fic. However, at least one of my requests was very gen-centric. So, I am open to all kinds of fic. I like romance, but don't need fluff. I like sex scenes, but they needn't be graphic. Action is good, but it doesn't have to be a guns blazin' shoot-out.

What I am primarily looking for is characterization. There are a great many fandoms I appreciate simply for the fact that there are pretty men and women in them. And who doesn't want a PWP once in a while? But, what I want for Yuletide this year is a good, solid character piece. All the ones I listed in my requests were fandoms and characters I love for much more than their reflections in mirrors.

That's not to say they aren't pretty!

In 3:10 to Yuma I love and adore Ben Wade's character for his gleefully unapologetic bad guy attitude. Sure, he might occasionally, accidentally trip over a good deed here and there. But, for the most part is is a bad to the bone, rotten to the core, villian. And that's how we like him. Dan Evans was a good guy with bad flaws. And I like that. His character was woefully underdeveloped, Santa. Feel free to correct the error.

Love Actually is one of my favorite romantic movies ever. I don't think there's a single character in the film who doesn't have a delightful personality and many more stories to tell. But, Juliet is the one who interested me most when I first saw the movie. And for my many subsequent viewings. Just what was that kiss about, anyhow? Any ending is fair game as long as it explains what she was really thinking.

I spent many a wonderful afternoon as a youngster watching The Young Riders on cable. Thus began my lifelong love of cowboys. And now I have no cable and the show's been canceled. *woe* My favorite character on that show was, hands down, James Hickok. Followed at a close second by Teaspoon Hunter. But, over all, I simply loved them all. I cried when they took Sam off the show and I missed Emma. (Amusingly enough, I discovered my first squick with this show. Jimmy/Emma?! Noooooo!) Write me a western, Santa! Horses, cowboys, the Pony Express, Civil War angst! So much to choose from.

Ocean's 11 was the movie that convinced me that Matt Damon knew how to act. He wasn't just a pretty blond boy with that Ben What's-his-name following him around. Also, I am madly in love with George Clooney. MAD, I tell you! I was delighted by these movies. They were, in my humble opinion, worthy to follow in the footsteps of the original. (Yes, yes. Rat Pack fan, too. Don't judge me!) I adored the Danny/Rusty interaction, although I can't imagine slashing them at all. And Rusty and Danny abusing poor Linus was pure gold. Go for humor, here, Santa. Anything slick and funny will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance, Santa! Good luck with your own Yuletide gift. I hope it's as shiny as you want it to be! :-)


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