Apr. 10th, 2012

karmaschild: (YAY!)
Today, I had this exchange with author Lilith Saintcrow (http://www.lilithsaintcrow.com/journal/) --

@lilithsaintcrow: It's happened. I suddenly want to run new, longer routes. They warned me about this, but I didn't believe them.
@lilithsaintcrow: When I started, I couldn't even run for 60 seconds. Now I'm contemplating 7-milers. #wonderment
@lilithsaintcrow: This is what a few years of plodding, incremental effort gets you. #applicabletowritingANDrunning

@ShadeBlossom: How long did it take you to get there?

@lilithsaintcrow: Three years? I go really slow.

@ShadeBlossom: That's better than I imagined. I'm out of shape, but I've always wanted to run. Especially when you tweet about #zombiesrun

@lilithsaintcrow: I started with four minutes walking and one running, for a half-hour. For MONTHS.
@lilithsaintcrow: Then three walking, two running--you get the idea. When it was four minutes running, I tried my first 11-minute runs
@lilithsaintcrow: Then I added a minute whenever I felt strong.
@lilithsaintcrow: I lost 70lbs--most of that was because I wasn't misery-eating, though. *grin*

@ShadeBlossom: I'm definitely going to try now. Thank you very much. :)

@lilithsaintcrow: I totally believe in you. You can try running, see if it works for you.
@lilithsaintcrow: Just see if you like it. No pressure, and nobody to measure yourself against. You can do it!

Here's the Zombies, Run! game I was talking about. It's an iPhone app that uses zombies as running motivators. My gift to myself, if I ever get to my goal of actually being able to run, will be an iPhone so I can use this. ;)


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