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For those of you keeping score at home, my legs are still swollen to different degrees, although they're both better than they were. I can actually bend my toes now, which I consider to be an improvement. Still haven't seen a doctor about it, since I don't have insurance and the local low-income clinic isn't taking new patients. I'm relying on my tried-and-true method of "hope it goes away on its own".

I actually did some baking today, which is nice because I haven't done any in ages. I have a chocolate cake cooling on the counter right now and when I get ready, I'm going to smash it up and make cake pops. Hopefully they turn out well. I've never done this before.

Also need to get my sourdough starter going again. I've been craving homemade bread.

Had some more Velata fondue last night. It's been a really big hit so far and I'm going slightly insane with ideas for what else I can do with the warmer. Ideas so far have included melting peanut butter for pretzel dipping and making a batch of eggless chocolate chip cookie dough for chocolate dipping.

Speaking of good food, my next non-sweet project is to attempt Cook's Country's Cider Braised Chicken. I saw it on their show today and it looked fabulous.

God, I love being on break from school. I can actually find time and energy to do things.

While I'm thinking about school: I managed to pull all A's this quarter. One class was 100%, one class was 97%, and the third didn't give percents, she gave points, but she assures me that I have an A, so I'll take it.

I'm old.

May. 9th, 2012 03:03 pm
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It's my birthday today. I turned 32. I have exactly nothing to show for it, by the way. Thirty-two years of... nada. (My Twitter feed tells me that The Pill turned 52 today.) This morning, festivities began when I made the mistake of telling my roomie's parents what I wanted for my birthday dinner tonight. I asked for Beef Stroganoff, because I happen to love it (I do not, however, love mushrooms). I then got a lengthy lecture on how there would be mushrooms in it, there would be lots of mushrooms in it, and mushrooms were one of the major flavor components in Stroganoff anyway! I got this lecture last time I asked for it, so you'd think I'd remember to just not ask, but I forgot.

... I have a thing about food, you see. I do not like people commenting to me about what I eat or don't eat, I don't like lectures, I just want to be left alone. I've had a weird relationship with food all my life, I've had people give me weird complexes about it growing up... and what's more, what I do or don't eat affects no one but me. I don't refuse to cook things for people, I don't insist they can't have things around me, I don't lecture, I don't scream. I leave you alone, you leave me alone, okay? Jesus...

And then, on the drive to campus, I got more complaining about how long the recipe took to make, how much effort was involved, all the onion chopping and meat cutting. And still more complaining about how such a heavily dairy based food would react with roomie's lactose intolerant mother. So, I feel great about the whole thing, really.

Then I went to class, same as always. Got my Psych exam back today and nearly cried because I got a B. My priorities are... a bit skewed. I don't know what's wrong with me in regard to grades. I covet A's. I bask in them. If there was some way to make a physical representation of all the A's I've made since I went back to school, I would gather them together and roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck with his money. It's that bad.

We discussed some psychological phenomenon in Psych (I can't remember what it's called) a few weeks ago about people who, if they don't get an A on an assignment, they might as well have gotten an F. That's me. I don't know why, but that's how it always feels. I actually do cry if I pull in a C.

The only pleasant thing I've experienced today is that I have a story building in my head. Not a roleplay story or fanfic. An actual, honest to god, original idea. This almost never happens to me, so I'm really excited about it. I'm also not going to tell anyone about it, because every time I do, someone manages to say something that discourages me from writing it at all and I end up back at square one. Less than square one. Square zero. It feels bad and I hate it, so I'm hiding this one. I want it to survive.

Tired now. Considering a nap.


Apr. 27th, 2012 11:24 am
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Was going to spend the day applying for scholarships through my school, but they've made the webpage about it so very unhelpful that I can't actually find half of the ones I'm looking for. Let alone the instructions on how to apply for them. Or maybe I'm not smart enough. I don't know what the problem is. Either way, I lose.
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I got my first taste of plagiarism today. In my Business Communications class, we had one assignment due today. We had to compose an email on a specific subject and use specific grammatical items in the message. Things like "a sentence using a plural noun ending in o in possessive form". That kind of thing. There were five or six elements we had to include. We would then email our messages to each student in the class and the instructor (the computers in this room are set up on their own little network) when we got to class today.

When class started, there were three people present. I and two other students showed up. First thing, the instructor said to open the email program and send the message that we were to have ready to send. I sent mine. The other two people groaned and made excuses about how they forgot, didn't save it properly, whatever.

I rolled my eyes a little there, because this is the class where we are 5 weeks in and every single assignment over that time, the teacher has had to extend past the deadline because someone "forgot" and begged to do it late. She doesn't even take off points. And then there's me who transfered into the class a week and a half into the quarter, caught up with everything, and have stayed on top of everything since, turning it all in on time. I am more than a little tired of working to get everything in on time (in all my classes) just to have this one class skate by again, and again, and again. Anyway...

So, I sent my assignment out to everyone on our little network. The teacher then started her lecture for the day. While she was lecturing, as usual, I noticed this girl one row forward from me was working on the computer, rather than listening or following along in the book. This is another thing that bugs me. This class has several people who ignore lecture, do other things, then complain when they get stuff wrong because they don't have the information presented in lecture. What was weird about this one this morning was that the file she had open didn't look like she was typing an email. It had a whole bunch of text at the top and she was typing below it, scrolling back and forth to refer to it while she was typing. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was actually watching her cheat off my work.

Later, when the lecture was almost over, she sent out her email. When I got it, I thought at first that someone had accidentally hit "forward" on my email. The thing that really pisses me off is less that she copied my work and more that she did it so damn badly. It was a line-for-line regurgitation of what I sent out minutes before. The paragraphs each had the exact ideas as the ones in mine, they had the exact same number of sentences as mine, it had three paragraphs like mine (the assignment only called for two), every one of the grammar points we were to bold/highlight/etc were in the exact same place as mine. Several of her sentences were identical to mine, except for an "and" or a word or two tacked on at the end.

If you're going to cheat, put some damn effort into it already. Particularly when your copy and paste job will be sent right back to the person you just stole it from!

I emailed the teacher (I love this class. I don't even have to speak. I can just email her at the front of the room and she will answer right away.) and pointed it out to her. I also noted that I was really pretty hacked off about it and that I was having trouble concentrating because I was too busy seeing red. How nice of her to do this on a day we were supposed to be taking an in class exam. She emailed me back that it would be taken care of.

The problem now is that I'm torn on how I feel about this. On the one hand, it's plastered all over the place that this school has a very strict policy on plagiarism and I don't know if that means "you'll get a zero on your assignment" or that she'll be kicked out of the class or something. I'd feel bad, I guess, if she was kicked out, but at the same time, I want something to happen. It's just insult to injury to be the only one in the whole damn class who turns in an assignment on time, only to have it ripped off by someone who couldn't be bothered. At the same time, stealing one email seems like such a small thing.

I dunno. Ugh. My brain hurts.


Apr. 4th, 2012 10:53 am
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Really don't like hearing the phrase, "It's automatically a zero" in response to my school questions. Never gotten a zero on an assignment I really tried on, before. Well, not since I started college, anyway. Not fun.
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It is very dark in my room and I can't see my keyboard. I could solve this problem by turning on the lights (I just bought new lightbulbs, after all), but this seemed like a good chance to work on my typing. Since I'm supposed to be typing "properly" now, and all. It sucks to go from typing somewhere around 50 words a minute the "wrong" way to typing like 30 words a minute the "right" way. With LOTS of backspacing and correcting, my god.


It is just amazing what a difference a teacher can make. Last quarter, I took Intro to Psych for the first time. I dropped it in about 2 weeks, because the teacher was just so stuck on himself, so smarmy, and so condescending. Never mind that he made us do almost all our work in groups like elementary school students. I just dreaded going to class. This quarter, I am taking it again, with a different teacher and HOLY CRAP, it's like a whole new animal. No groups, for one. The teacher is fun, funny, and engaging. She makes fun of herself, rather than everyone else. Wednesday, I was genuinely disappointed when the class ended. I could have happily sat there another hour, discussing shit I could not possibly have cared less about one quarter ago.

I seriously need to write her a letter or something. Or write the Dean. She needs recognition.

Speaking of school, my Tuesday class gets out at 10 pm. This is mildly annoying, since the last bus arrives at 10:38 pm. And I do mean the LAST BUS. Everyone else is already gone by the time I get on my bus. The automatic lights turn off at 10:30 in the bus hub, too. Spooky. Uncomfortable. Blah.

Aside from school, I've done little. I put in an application at the bookstore at school, which was rejected. I put one in at the gas station on the corner from our house, too, but no answer yet.

I've given up caffeine. It's been something like 3 weeks since I had any. Relatively proud of that, although I still crave soda like crazy. I want a Pepsi so bad right now, I can taste it.

I got some nasty crit today on one of my RP characters I adore, so I'm a little bummed about that. Fortunately, [livejournal.com profile] sedately gave me some really good crit to offset it, so that helped a lot. Now, I just have to convince myself to do some tags, since I haven't done any all day.


Feb. 13th, 2012 02:53 pm
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Probably not going to get the bookstore job. I spoke to the lady today who was doing the hiring and she said she'd already called everyone whose availability fit what she needed. Unless her call was the Los Angeles number I missed today, that counts me out. I went ahead and printed a copy of my schedule for next quarter and left it for her, in the hopes that it would improve my chances. She said it was possible, but she hadn't looked at it yet.

I almost skipped class today, because it was snowing. Not horribly, but enough for the roads to be slippery and it just makes me so nervous. Did manage to force myself to go, though. Another day down. One more week to the end of the quarter and finals.

Sleepy. Accomplished nothing, so far, that I set out to do in February. Feeling kind of pathetic, really.
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- Homework done.
- Taxes done. (pending)
- FAFSA renewal done. (pending)
- Job application for the school book store filled out.


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